In 2001 I was taking regular trips to Toronto to help a member of a successful Canadian band start up his music management company and assist him with the artist he was working with. I met lots of amazing people, learned so much and am still thankful to this day for that incredible opportunity.

Then on September 11th, the borders were closed and I couldn’t leave Canada to be with my family. While watching the horrific scenes on TV with my fellow Americans, I knew I had to do something for myself and remember thinking, “I can absolutely do this. I’ve always loved music, enjoyed selling what I’m passionate about and helping people succeed.” I decided to go off on my own and with the help of friends came up with my business name, Dame Music… ‘give me’ music.

It was a whirlwind! I was able to help a few bands until the owner of Rock-It Promo introduced me to one that would change my life, personally and professionally. We had some great successes and met even more incredible people…including my husband who happened to be in that band. A few years later, I took a break to start a family always knowing that I would start ‘Dame’ back up when the time was right and that time has arrived.

We are now Dame Talent and Disconnect Management and, although we have evolved, a few things remain the same: the passion for our artists, the desire to help them reach their goals (short and/or long term) and our visionary strategies. We love what we do and are excited for this chapter.




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